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Facing Africa

Hiroshi is passionate about the reconstructive work that he’s carried out in Africa, mainly in Ethiopia and Ghana. He’s been to Africa on multiple occasions on reconstructive surgery missions and 9 times for the Charity ‘Facing Africa’.

Facing Africa

Critical Surgery Saving Lives

Facing Africa currently funds two teams of highly skilled and experienced volunteer surgeons from the UK and Ireland to Ethiopia each year, they perform complex facial reconstructive surgery on the victims of the disease noma and victims of other severe facial deformities. Watch the video to learn more about Hiroshi's charity work.

Critical Surgery Saving Lives - Hulu's Story

On these missions, I am part of a specialised and skilled team of surgeons, anaesthetists and nurses. We treat severe facial deformities caused by the disease Noma and other strange conditions we do not see in the UK. It is a fantastic opportunity to help patients who would otherwise die or live miserable isolated lives because of their deformities, in one of the poorest countries in the World. The two-part Chanel 5 documentary allowed the viewer to take a brief glimpse of health problems in a developing country. I think that any film that allows us to reflect upon our own comparative values must be a good thing.

Tatler Magazine

"Humble and relentlessly cheerful" - Hiroshi as described by Tatler Magazine in 2018. Click the button below to read the full article.

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