Tattoo Excision

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Procedure Overview

What is Tattoo Excision?

There are several ways in which tattoos can be removed. The best option is to think it through more carefully before you have the tattoo applied. However, we all do things we regret, and there is a surgical option for removal of tattoos, but really this only applies to relatively small tattoos that can be excised in one go, or in several stages. The results depend upon the size and anatomical location of the tattoo, for example, scars on the shoulder and/or the middle of the chest tend to mature badly and therefore may not be worth the process. The bigger the scar, almost certainly the worse is the scarring from surgical excision.


Tattoo Excision techniques

Very rarely, grafting methods (skin taken from elsewhere to be applied to the area) can be used, but this is often unacceptable scarring for the patient. Therefore, selection is the most important key to the surgical method of removal of a tattoo. The other method is laser removal of tattoos, which works the best on blue-pigmented tattoos but is less successful on those with more red pigment and those done by an amateur tattoo artist, because of the pigment depth.


Your most common questions answered

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How is the risk of infection during surgery minimised?

Infection is prevented by the appropriate surgical technique. This means very strict sterility of instruments and the technique has to be meticulous. The environment and correct theatre air flow conditions are very important and there are very strict safeguard controls concerning this. We also reduce infection rates by making sure that the patient is fit and healthy and is MRSA negative pre operatively.

In terms of after care/follow up/complications such as seroma, bleeding, infection, what would be the costs involved?

These would be dealt with free of charge.

What makes a good cosmetic surgeon?

This is a complex question in reality. Firstly a cosmetic surgeon must be a good doctor. Cosmetic surgery should be no different from any other form of healthcare delivery. To be a good cosmetic surgeon one should have had thorough training. Experience and judgement are the keys. Also an ability to have the emotional intelligence required to fully understand the needs and expectations of the patient and to make sure that there is no mismatch with what is possible.

How much does a private consultation cost?

A 1 hour initial consultation with me costs £130, which includes a free 15 minute follow up appointment.