Are man breasts genetic? Will they grow back after gynaecomastia surgery?

Man breasts (gynaecomastia) are not usually due to genetic causes. The vast majority is due to a developmental problem during growth often stimulated by puberty.

It is likely that there is an oversensitivity of the developing male breast to the circulating hormone of puberty such as progesterone an oestrogen that are present in small amounts during male growth. Rarely hormonal problems can cause male breast such as excess adreno-cortical hormones and feminizing syndromes. Rarely male breasts are caused by certain drugs such as Cimetidine, Spironolactone and cannabis abuse.

Liver disease can also cause man boobs along with some very rare pituitary tumours such as prolactinomas. It is important the “man boobs” are not part of general obesity. A competent surgeon will rule out all these possible causes to reassure you. Proper surgery should then deal with the problem and there should be no recurrence.