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Craniofacial Charity Trust

I have been a consultant plastic surgeon at the Birmingham Children’s and the Queen Elizabeth Hospitals for 13 years now and I am still awed and inspired by the children and adults we’re able to help.

The Birmingham Craniofacial Unit, based at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital, is one of four nationally designated craniofacial centres established to provide specialist services for people born with craniofacial problems. These patients often have severe facial and skull deformities.

A multidisciplinary team is needed to manage these complex patients. These include plastic, maxillofacial and neurosurgeons. Specialists from other disciplines are also needed to support the craniofacial surgical team, such as ear, nose and throat consultants, medical genetics, speech and language therapists and ophthalmology.

I was privileged to be the Clinical Lead for the Craniofacial Unit from 2008-2013, a time that saw significant advancements in surgical techniques and several delicate, high profile and extremely challenging cases presenting to the hospital.

I also manage patients with abnormalities of the skull and face, which includes facial palsy, vascular anomalies, trauma cases, and general paediatric plastic elective procedures.

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Please consider making a donation to the Craniofacial Charity Trust Fund at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

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    Reconstructive, craniofacial and cosmetic consultant surgeon, my principal work is with the Birmingham Children's and Queen Elizabeth hospitals and the Westbourne Centre, a private medical centre in Edgbaston.

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