Why do qualifications matter in cosmetic surgery?


It is important to get across that my training and experience is very “mainstream”. There is an existential battle at present between TRUE plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons who may come from any background (GP, non-surgeons….it is so unregulated!).  I am very proud of my training. I believe that it has been very proper and legitimate. Some non-plastic surgical cosmetic surgeons do try and rubbish plastic surgical training as they claim reconstructive surgery has nothing to do with cosmetic surgery. This is not true. Unless one is trained in the pathology of skin, muscle and bones and understands plastic surgical reconstructive techniques, and have seen deformities, trauma and disease, there is no way one can fully appreciate “normal” patients. Plastic surgeons have been trained to encompass and understand both reconstruction and cosmetic treatment of face, breasts, trunk and limbs. No other specialty has this breadth of exposure to cosmetic problems.

Mr Hiroshi Nishikawa MA MD FRCS Plast

Consultant Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon 

GMC number 2573614

‘MA’ means ‘Master of Arts’ and confirms that I have graduated from Cambridge University.

‘MD’ means that I have obtained a ‘Master’s’ (or higher Degree) from Cambridge University.

‘FRCS Plast’ means that I am on the specialist register for cosmetic and plastic surgery and have passed the rigorous exit exam for plastic surgery. Recognised by the GMC (The General Medical Council), The Royal College of Surgeons (of England, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Ireland), BAAPS and BAPRAS.  

‘Mr’ at the front of my title simply means that I am a member of the Royal College of surgeons Of England.

Professional bodies that I belong to:

  • Royal College of surgeons of England