What can be done about ageing around the eyes


There are multiple signs of ageing around the eyes that are best corrected with a cosmetic surgery procedure called Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery.

The definition of the surgical term Blepharoplasty is the reduction of bagginess around the upper and/or lower eyelids. The aim of surgery is to improve their cosmetic appearance and to rejuvenate. Many people seek cosmetic surgery because they want to rejuvenate their face & eyes, but are unsure of how to specifically spot signs of ageing in this area of the face and therefore be able to determine which procedure or treatment would be best for them.

There are many causes of baggy eyelids, with perhaps the most common being a lack of sleep, too much drinking and stress. There are also some medical conditions that result in eyelid swelling such as problems with the thyroid, heart and liver. It is therefore important that causes other than “cosmetic” and ageing are ruled out.

As we age, our skin undergoes multiple changes, including skin sagging and fine lines around the eyes. The skin in the orbital area is very thin and delicate making it more likely to show signs of ageing and fatigue.

Typical signs of ageing around the eyes include:

  • Crows feet
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Under-eye bags
  • Dark circles
  • Sagging skin
  • Dryness
  • Puffy eyes
  • Age spots

Blepharoplasty is an ideal procedure to address sagging skin around the eyes to achieve a more alert and youthful appearance. Ideally prevention is key and it is best to start looking after your skin and your delicate eye area from a young age. SPF is probably the most cost effective and simple way to protect the skin from free radical damage and it’s important to wear it every day, not just when you are exposed to sunlight. Screens, environmental toxins and other pollutants can age and damage the skin. Try to limit the amount of time you spend in front of screens, get plenty of sleep to allow your skin to repair and renew itself and stay well hydrated at all times. Facial massage can also help to increase blood flow and elasticity.