What aftercare is recommended following Breast Augmentation under LA & Sedation


Hiroshi carries out all breast augmentation procedures under local anaesthetic and sedation. This means that the recovery for patients from anaesthesia is rapid, meaning procedures that previously required a hospital stay overnight, can be carried out as a day case. During the procedure, local anaesthetic with intravenous sedation and painkillers are given. Because patients are not unconscious, they can still breathe by themselves and can therefore return home the same day to recover in their own home. Hiroshi pioneered the use of local anaesthetic with sedation for cosmetic procedures at The Westbourne Centre in Birmingham.

What activity can I do following surgery?

Following breast surgery, normal activity should be resumed as quickly as possible. Normal activity means walking and light duties and this can occur between 24 and 48 hours for some patients, but there is much variance depending on the individual. When the body is challenged, such as after surgery or any form of trauma, recovery is enhanced with sensible rest. Simple surgical wounds take 10 days to heal primarily and 3 months to reach 70% strength. Time off work is an individual’s decision, and will vary from patient to patient. Things to consider would be how physically demanding your job is and the type of environment you work in. Hiroshi typically recommends 2 weeks off work, but you may be able to return sooner if you are in a sedentary role and able to take regular breaks.

During this time, in breast augmentation, the capsule that surrounds the implant develops and strengthens and all the inflammation, which is essential for healing subsides. However, there is probably much individual variation as to the exact timing of this process as well. Therefore, as a compromise, Hiroshi would not recommend extreme or severe exercise until at least 6 to 8 weeks has passed. Remember that it is possible to keep fit and have a sense of well-being by a sensible return back to full on exercise, and to do this one should always be in touch with how you feel and of course discuss this with Hiroshi or the clinical nurse specialist at any stage.