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Facing Africa

I feel it is important to share one’s experience with as many people as possible across the world. I have operated in Africa many times in the past for charity, and have learned it is imperative to work with organisations which deliver the clinical, technical and material back-up that allows a quality of healthcare delivery in the developing world that is as equal as possible to that of the developed world.

It is inspiring to help people who otherwise would not have much of a chance to lead a life of normality.

There is an organisation that shares my passion for helping people, Facing Africa.

Facing Africa is a charity set up to fund complex facial reconstructive surgery for children in Ethiopia who have suffered from malnutrition resulting in a gangrenous infection called NOMA. Twice a year a team of volunteer surgeons, anaesthetists, doctors and nurses spend two weeks in Addis Ababa and carry out many reconstructive surgeries.

In addition to the clear benefits to the children themselves, we are also developing the skills of the local medical teams and hopefully perpetuating a more advanced culture of care and support.

I personally gain so much from these visits, interacting with the British and African surgical teams and allied staff.

I follow the stories of the children we work with as many of them return for multiple surgeries. To know they are now able to eat, drink and smile is exhilarating. and what drives me to support this life-changing charity.

If you are able to, please make a donation to Facing Africa.

Follow the conversation about Facing Africa on Twitter @facingafrica

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