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Edgbaston Medical Quarter

London’s Harley Street is well known as a geographically dense area with high quality medical centres and healthcare specialists. But it’s not the only place in the UK that stands out for medical care.

I am championing a new area of the country: Edgbaston.

Did you know that Edgbaston, on the southern side of Birmingham, is home to more than 40 GP practices, 23 healthcare training centres including the University of Birmingham Medical School, 180 medical centres and 80 hospitals all within a 4 mile radius?

The Edgbaston Medical Quarter as it’s now being called, lies in the heart of Birmingham, in the centre of England. It is easily accessible by road, rail and air, and equidistant for patients coming from Brighton or York.

I believe this thriving area, and the natural collaboration and competition that stems from it, is healthy for the medical industry and the economy – and it ensures that us as users of healthcare services continue to have the most advanced options available to us.

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    Reconstructive, craniofacial and cosmetic consultant surgeon, my principal work is with the Birmingham Children's and Queen Elizabeth hospitals and the Westbourne Centre, a private medical centre in Edgbaston.

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