How can a neck lift improve my appearance?


Our faces are generally what we focus on when we think about signs of ageing, including fine lines around the mouth & eyes and deeper lines in the forehead, but for many people the neck can age more rapidly than the face and is now, more than ever exacerbated by people constantly bending their necks to use computers and devices. With age, the neck skin becomes droopy and saggy because the underlying muscle becomes stretched, thinner and weaker.

The neck is not an area of the body that responds well to diet, exercise or mainstream skincare treatments, particularly if there is loose, sagging skin.

Factors such as age, weight loss and genetics can all contribute to a double chin, sagging jowls and loose neck skin. Achieving a well-defined neckline through a surgical cosmetic neck lift, can dramatically improve the appearance of the neck by repairing the muscles, removing excess fat and tightening the skin. The surgical treatment involves tightening the underlying muscle called the ‘platisma’. When this muscle is tightened and positioned in the correct place, the overlying skin is also rejuvenated because it’s stretched in the correct place.

How can a neck lift improve my appearance?

A neck lift can dramatically improve your jawline and profile and can make you look fresher and years younger. Neck lifts are intended to restore the slim, youthful contours of your neck by treating:

Double chin

‘Turkey neck’ or loose, sagging neck skin

Excess fat or drooping skin of the lower face

Excessive wrinkling of the neck skin

Neck lift techniques

This procedure is often carried out at the same time as a facelift and for most neck lifts, the actual incisions are very similar to a facelift to achieve the tightening needed. Essentially, platisma is exposed enough to allow the diversification (splitting/spreading apart in the midline) to be brought together, like you’re closing a curtain.

A small, very discrete scar within the crease line under the chin will result from this surgery. At the same time, the outer part of the platisma is also exposed by a facelift-like incision. This allows the outer part of the curtain to be tightened and results in a rejuvenated neck.

Residual bruising and swelling may last for several weeks or more, but as you heal, you will see the improved contours of your neck and jawline.

The procedure is safely performed as a day case under local anaesthetic and sedation by Hiroshi at his private practice at The Westbourne Centre in Birmingham.