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Welcome to the website of Hiroshi Nishikawa Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon

“I believe that plastic and reconstructive surgery are as much about function as they are about form – that the moulding and shaping of a body due to deformity, trauma, or purely for aesthetic or cosmetic purposes are all technically part of the same surgical spectrum.”

Mr Nishikawa began his medical training in orthopaedics, general surgery and neurosurgery before entering into the field of reconstructive plastic surgery. It was this concept of function and form, and the necessity to intricately combine these characteristics for people with deformities or following severe trauma that inspired him to hone his specialist skills and apply them to the art of reconstructive plastic surgery.

For many years Mr Nishikawa has practiced his trade at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham and the Birmingham Children’s Hospital, and is renowned for his craniofacial work with children and adults. He has assisted patients with facial palsy, birthmarks and even assisted in the separation of conjoined twins.

In his private practice, Mr Nishikawa understands that plastic or reconstructive surgery can give you the look, the feel and the confidence you desire. He believes that a consultation is the best way to ensure he is the right surgeon to work with you. A thorough discussion clarifies expectations and achievable outcomes, and his practical, down-to-earth approach makes him very easy to talk to.

“As an experienced plastic surgeon, I know what works and what doesn’t work in my hands. I won’t make any unrealistic promises. My goal is to enhance your natural beauty, in as delicate a way as possible.”

If you are looking for a cosmetic surgeon in Birmingham, meet with Mr Hiroshi Nishikawa. He works with men and women from all over the UK, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

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    Reconstructive, craniofacial and cosmetic consultant surgeon, my principal work is with the Birmingham Children's and Queen Elizabeth hospitals and the Westbourne Centre, a private medical centre in Edgbaston.

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