I could never thank him enough for what he has done for Shauna

By from Birmingham

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At the age of 7 Shauna was diagnosed with a rare condition called Parry Romberg Syndrome, which explained why our daughter was losing the one side of her face. We were told that our daughter would continue to lose her face, muscle and bone, and that there was no cure.

I went home that night and googled Parry Romberg Syndrome. I read about other peoples’ stories from across the world and also saw many images, which maybe wasn’t the right thing to do. I cried most nights and was angry most days thinking ‘Why my daughter; how will she get through life and school without being bullied; how will she be strong and how will I be strong for her; and how much worse is it going to get?’

One day I decided I can’t just sit back and watch my daughter’s face disappear, so I said I’m going to raise the money to go to America where I know a little girl was getting treatment as she was going blind also from this syndrome. As I spoke to our consultant about going abroad, he said he will put us in touch with Mr Nishikawa at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital, that he is a great plastic surgeon and could help Shauna.

So we went along to see him we told him of our worries about bullies and he said he would try something called a fat transfer. He said it might be a waste of time as we don’t know with Shauna’s condition whether the fat would stay or go.

After 3 lots of fat transfers in under 2 years, Shauna looks amazing! You would never know there was any kind of condition and when she went to secondary school in September she was able to hold her head high.

Mr Nishikawa gave us hope that he would help us and that we wouldn’t feel alone. I could never thank him enough for what he has done for Shauna. He gave her the life that she deserves and for us, our chubby-faced little girl back and the peace of mind that our daughter can live like most other children without people judging her.