Do you want to be on TV?

Remarkable TV is looking for people to take part in the primetime Channel 4 series BodyShockers with Katie Piper.

The programme is produced by Remarkable Television (part of the Endemol Shine Group and the makers of Supersize vs Superskinny and The House That 100K Built and Million Pound Drop). The previous series of Bodyshockers generated over one million viewers making it one of Channel 4’s most popular returning brands.

Bodyshockers is about body modification desire and regret and looks at the multitude of ways we choose to alter our appearance in the name or beauty or standing out. We are looking for people who are seriously considering dramatically changing their face or body using cosmetic surgery OR those who want a past body modification reversed. The types of procedures we are interested in featuring include: breast, buttock or pectoral implants or removals; labia reductions, nose jobs, chin or calf implants, lip enhancements or reversal, ear stretcher repair or any other interesting new cosmetic procedure.

Potential procedure the show would like to follow are:
– rhinoplasty, chin lift, facelift
– boobs and tummy tuck
– fat transfers on body and face

If this opportunity interests you and you are interested in working with the casting team please get in touch with the casting team on 0208 222 4050 or e-mail at

Mr Nishikawa and The Westbourne Centre have worked with several television production companies on cosmetic surgery shows including the very popular Embarrassing Bodies. Promotion of this opportunity does not imply endorsement, we are simply providing the opportunity if a patient is interested.