Crisalix 3D Technology

Are you looking to achieve a natural result and wondering how you could look after surgery? Are you unsure what the difference between 300cc and 400cc breast implants could look like?

Crisalix 3D Technology

3D Aesthetic Simulation

Crisalix is the world’s leading tech company in the field of 3D aesthetic simulation. Its unique technology is based on the most recent advances in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Augmented Reality and it permits the creation of highly accurate 3D reconstructions of human bodies and the simulation of aesthetic procedures on top. Its disruptive technology caters to some of the world’s most recognised plastic surgeons and clinics across 5 continents.

Hiroshi is proud to offer his patients this service during consultation, should you wish to see your simulated results for facial, breast and body cosmetic surgery procedures.

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The face is a delicate part of our body and one that reflects so much about who we are. Hiroshi enjoys working closely with his patients to ensure the end results meet their expectations.

Face Procedures


With every individual, Hiroshi strives to achieve the most natural-looking results and offers advanced surgical solutions, using the most technically advanced and reliable products.

Breast Procedures


Hiroshi believes that it is possible to achieve the aspirational characteristics of a flat tummy, round bottom, toned arms, and slim legs through safe surgical methods, conducted under local anaesthetic.

Body Procedures


Gynaecomastia is a cosmetic treatment to reduce the size of male breast tissue. Hiroshi performs the surgery under local anaesthetic & sedation as a day case.