Surgery Day!

By from Halesowen

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It’s 6am and I am feeling so many things: excited, nervous, confident with my surgeon but curious about the sedation.  Will I be one of those patients who talks during surgery?  Will I feel different afterward?  And when, oh when, can I have a cup of coffee?!

My sister is travelling with me to The Westbourne Centre and then my husband will be there to pick me up soon afterwards. For now I must jump in the shower.

8:15 am  We’re sitting in the recovery room now, Mr Nishikawa has popped in and said “hello”, talked me through the operation and made the necessary marks on my chest.  A lovely nurse has gotten me all changed and ready. Next in should be the anaesthetist to discuss the local anaeasthetic and sedation.  I can hardly believe this is happening!

11:15am  Wow!  I’ve already had TWO cups of coffee, a sandwich and some fruit, I’m dressed and about to leave The Westbourne Centre.  Mr Nishikawa said the surgery went really well, textbook really.  My bandages look good, I’ve had a Paracetamol and now I’m ready to go home, see my boys and have a nap.

6pm  Less than 10 hours after surgery and I am feeling great.  Even all bandaged up I have quickly tried on a couple of summer dresses and am so thrilled with how much more I fill them out.  My family has been so good to me tonight, my husband especially.  Even the boys have made dinner and brought me tea in bed.  I haven’t had any more paracetamol although I will have two before bed just to ensure I am able to sleep through the night.    I do have one question to ask the nurse when she calls: Can I remove the small sticky bandages that go under my arm and re-position them, they’re itching a little?