Roz’s touching story: surgery with a happy ending

By from Sutton Coldfield

Overall Rating:

I cannot recommend The Westbourne Centre highly enough. I had Fat Transfer, Eye Surgery and a partial Face Lift.

The care I received was second to none, from everyone involved, the whole team were so caring and professional: Christine comforting and keeping me company; Barbara who literally held my hand throughout the procedure; Johnathan the anaestiest who kept me calm and pain free throughout the surgery; Georgina who looked after me in recovery; Karen for the excellent post surgery care and last but not least Mr Nishikawa – My Hero.

I gave him free range to use his expertise on my face and I am absolutely delighted with the results. I’m now happy to have my photograph taken (something I have never been comfortable with); and I now allow my face to be touched and kissed – to my fiancĂ©’s delight. I haven’t allowed anyone to touch my face since I was a teenager.

Love the results, extremely happy.

The care I received at The Westbourne Centre from consultation to after care was of the highest quality.