breast augmentation patient tells her story


By from Halesowen

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January 2015

Hi. I’m Hayley. I’m 34 years old, happily married with two lively boys, ages 7 and 12. We live in Halesowen, close to family and school.

For a while now I have been thinking about breast enlargement surgery. I like my body and feel comfortable with my size, but I think fuller, rounder and perkier breasts would give me a better profile and make me feel less self-conscious when wearing a swimsuit.

Last month I really started looking up information online about breast implants and how the surgery is performed. Besides the birth of my children I’ve never really been in hospital or had any kind of surgery so I wanted to make sure I picked a good surgeon. In my research I came across fat transfer as an alternative to implants and a story about a woman who had a boob job in Birmingham over lunchtime. That raised a lot of questions for me.

The surgeon who performed the lunchtime procedure, Mr Hiroshi Nishikawa, came up many times in my online research and after talking with my husband and family, I booked a consultation appointment for 11 February.  Now to compile my list of questions.

**Editor’s Note:  The article Hayley is referring to about the lunchtime boob job can be found here Would you have a breast job while wide awake