Leanne chooses BBA with LA and sedation

By from Birmingham

Overall Rating:

I couldn’t be happier with my results from the Westbourne Centre and all the advice and care along the way. I’d recommend anyone researching a BA to seriously consider Mr Nishikawa as he’s an amazing surgeon and a truly inspiring person too.

I wanted a breast augmentation to boost my confidence. I was an empty B-cup. When I first started researching and attending consultations for my procedure in London, I found private plastic surgery companies to be pushy, with little focus on my feelings or the risks.

I came across Mr Nishikawa when researching online as I was keen to have the operation under local anesthetic. I wanted it done with the least possible risk. When I found the Westbourne Centre in Birmingham had pioneered this procedure, I knew it was the place for me.

I was pleased to find out that I could meet my surgeon, Mr Nishikawa, on my first appointment. All other companies had made me meet with a sales person first, with no medical background. They then hassle you with phone calls to get you to book and offer substantial discounts on their high prices. The Westbourne Centre is nothing like this. Mr Nishikawa took his time with me, fully explaining all the risks, discussing my reasons for the procedure, my expectations, his expectations and making sure I had the right support at home. I left feeling in safe hands and knew he was the surgeon I wanted. The Westbourne Centre staff gave me all the information I needed and then left the decision making up to me, giving me space to think. And of course, I chose to go ahead with them.

On the day of my operation I was nervous but all the lovely nurses and staff, and Mr Nishikawa, made me feel completely at ease. My anesthetist was a nice man and really helpful. Being put to sleep was incredibly easy, the local sedation felt like a 20-minute nap and then I woke up being wheeled into recovery with my friendly nurse by my side. I did wake up with a tightness and heaviness as Mr Nishikawa had explained, but in terms of the anesthetic – I felt great.

I was fully awake within around 20 minutes and putting my coat on to leave shortly after. (I’d booked a local hotel in Birmingham.) My recovery so far has been good. I’m 12 weeks now and I’ve had no problems whatsoever and my scars look great.

The implant size is perfect for my body. I originally wanted to go larger but Mr Nishikawa explained that this would increase the chances of post-op problems as I have such a tiny frame. I’m so glad I trusted him as I’m a DD/E now and I wouldn’t want to be any bigger. Finally, I can wear all the clothes I’ve wanted to all these years and I’m so much more confident.