I am so pleased that I opted for breast implants – no regrets whatsoever.

By from Birmingham

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“You want breast implants? At your age? “, I am 62 and couldn’t understand the surprise being expressed. To me, it seems natural that I would want some cosmetic help at this age rather than when I was 30 and gravity was not a force to be reckoned with. After all, my mind knows that I am still only 30 even if my body is betraying me. Mr. Nishikawa was kindness itself and tried to help me over my intense embarrassment. During the consultation I was unable to give him any definite sizing to work to – I just wanted bigger breasts that no longer drooped but were in proportion to the rest of my body. I was putting my trust in his judgment totally.

So fast forward to the day of the procedure. The support staff who greeted me on arrival were kindness itself and helped me settle in. Mr. Nishikawa came to see me in the prep room and drew all over me with a marker pen. I did wonder if that was in case he couldn’t see my breasts when I was laid flat! I experienced a moment of sheer terror when I lay down in the operating theatre, but by then I knew that it was too late to run screaming from the room. The anaesthetist began working on my hand and he was so gentle that I hardly felt the needle when it went in – after which I drifted away and have no memory of the procedure at all.

I woke in the recovery room already bandaged and more or less ready to go once I had gulped down several cups of tea. This was less than three hours from when I had arrived. Asked about my pain level, I heard my addled brain reply ‘level 5’ quite clearly even though I was still anaesthetised and wasn’t in any pain. I was given two packs of painkillers to take home, but only used half a pack of paracetamol during the next few days. I felt pain when I made the movements that I had been warned not to make – I soon learned not to make them.

By the following day, I felt well enough to take my daughter out to lunch to thank her for being there for me.
The expected recovery time is given as four to six weeks, but I would say that it was another week or two beyond that before I felt totally comfortable – no doubt that’s the age thing again.

I am so pleased that I opted for breast implants – no regrets whatsoever. Many thanks to Mr. Nishikawa and his team for providing me with my Goldilocks breasts – not too big, not too small, but just right!