I can’t speak highly enough of my experience from start to finish with Mr Nishikawa!

By from Birmingham

Overall Rating:

I had researched the possibility of having breast implants with local anesthetic for a couple of years after breastfeeding 2 children and losing the majority of breast volume.

By the time I eventually made an appointment I was very keen to go ahead with the surgery and I appreciated the way in which Mr. Nishikawa countered my enthusiasm in his calm manner by telling me not to rush into it and to ensure I considered the surgery very carefully. This enhanced my faith in his integrity as a medical professional rather than a salesperson (as some cosmetic surgeons are renowned for being).

Mr. Nishikawa spent considerable time discussing possible options for the type of surgery I should go for during the initial consultation and also set very realistic expectations.

The morning of the surgery was calm, serene and everything went to schedule. I was surrounded by a lovely team in the theatre who really made me feel at ease. I don’t remember a thing after sedation and woke up just as I was being wheeled out of the theatre. The initial pain whilst not insignificant was not as bad as I thought and I was back to being out and about and doing light tasks the following day.

The outcome of the surgery has really exceeded the expectations that Mr Nishikawa set at the initial appointment and I am nothing short of delighted!

I love having the volume back in my breasts and it was a pleasure to throw away all of my padded bras. I also love the way the surgery has not been overly obvious to everyone else (which is what I was concerned about).

I can’t speak highly enough of my experience from start to finish with Mr Nishikawa (I say ‘finish’ loosely as he also made it clear that I could return if I have any future concerns or questions). He has a fantastic down-to-earth, calm and patient manner as well as being an excellent knowledgeable surgeon.