Happy Result from Nose Reconstruction Surgery

By from Nottingham

Overall Rating:

My nose had bothered me for as long as I can remember. I felt uncomfortable sitting next to people in class and standing next to people at parties, and basically in any situation where someone could see my side profile. A couple of people in my family have had their noses done so I decided that enough is enough and I may as well go for it as I had the money saved. My aunty had recommended her surgeon who was based on Harley street and so I went for a consultation there but both the consultation and the quote for the surgery was very expensive and I left feeling unsure and also slightly patronised.

I then decided to do my own research and spoke to a family friend who is a GP for some advice. She recommended I choose a surgeon who worked for the NHS as well as privately, who didn’t live too far away in case of any problems, and who specialised in reconstructive as well as cosmetic rhinoplasty/ craniofacial surgery. After traipsing through 332 profiles on the BAPRAS website, I finally narrowed it down to Mr Nishikawa who ticked every box.

I went for a consultation and felt an instant trust and rapport with Mr Nishikawa. He explained everything to me clearly and was very honest and helpful. The surgery date was booked very quickly as I was keen to be as healed as possible before starting back at University. On the day I was nervous only about going under local anaesthetic with sedation but Mr Nishikawa assured me that I wouldn’t feel a thing and I would wake up feeling like the whole thing was a dream, if I could remember it at all…which is exactly what happened.

I was taken care of by all the staff; from the receptionists, to the nurses, to the anaesthetist, very very well. During my healing process I had someone I could call 24/7 if I needed to ask any questions, and when I did ring I was never made to feel like it was a bad time. Every day that went by I loved my nose more and more and now, 3 months later, I don’t even think about it at all; which is the perfect result as for years it was on my mind every time I was in a room with other people. Getting the surgery has taken a huge weight off my shoulders and Mr Nishikawa did a better job than I could ever have imagined and I would recommend him to anyone.