Just Kim thrilled with BBA under LA

By from Birmingham

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I hade breast augmentation undertaken my mr nishikawa himself with sedation and local anaesthetic, i had realy low self esteem and i have wanted surgery for 11 years but petrified of being put to sleep made this impossible until i found him and the westbourne centre… this was an amazing breathrough for me…i was calm, comfortable and had a nice chat about weddings and receptions whilst being operated on, i was in and out in less than 3 hours!!! you cant do a days shopping in that time. Sooo pleased with the result and i would highly recommend to anyone. I cant rave about it enough. Thanks so much you literally have changed my life!
I literally was back on the school run the following day with just some co-codamol, this kind of surgery is amazing and i will definitely have more… shame theres no option for sterilisation else that would be next on my list x