Schoolboy from Manchester youngest person in UK to undergo mastectomy

Lewis Deakin, 11, had right pectoral muscle removed in order to treat rare condition which causes tumours to grow in his chest.

Lewis’s mother states: “He is the only child in the country who has had a mastectomy. As he gets bigger they will be able to reconstruct his chest. He was a bit daunted by it all at first and he wouldn’t show anyone the scar. But now he tells all the girls at school ‘I’ve been bitten by a shark’. He says it’s a real pulling machine.”

Hiroshi Nishikawa, the surgeon who has led Lewis’s operations at the hospital, which specialises in such conditions in children, said his patient had been “extremely brave” but the road to recovery was not quite over.

“We are delighted with Lewis’s progress but we will continue to monitor him over the next few years,” he said. “He has been extremely brave.”

Nishikawa added that a team of doctors and surgeons had been involved in Lewis’s treatment.

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