My final time on call…

A quiet suburb in Stoke was turned upside down when, in a moment of total madness and drug-fuelled insanity, a man reversed his car into a random thirteen-year-old girl at high velocity. The rear bumper smashed into her right thigh and she was thrown backwards against a low garden wall and over a hedge into the […]

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Understanding ‘Re-Do’ Procedures in Cosmetic Surgery

A working definition of ‘re-do’ surgery is an operation carried out in order to rectify a previous procedure that has gone wrong or has not achieved the desired outcome. There are many terms used to describe this type of surgery, such as ‘touch-up’, ‘revision’, ‘adjustment’, ‘secondary surgery’ to name a few. The semantics vary and […]

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Brexit Effect on Cosmetic Surgery

Should I go or should I stay? Over the last few months we have all been inundated with claims and counter claims over the benefits of leaving or remaining in Europe. The debate will be settled by our votes. We will weigh up the conflicting arguments on the economy, immigration and the effects of European […]

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The Future is Fat

The role of fat in our bodies is complex. There are several types of fat but in its various forms it acts as an energy store, a shock absorber and it is essential for many of the core metabolic pathways of life. Its anatomical distribution also has a profound impact on the way we look […]

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Reconstruction is the basis of Cosmetic Surgery

Last week I was involved in two paediatric cases, which reminded me of the power of plastic surgery. For the first patient, I was asked to assist a colleague at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital with a thirteen-year old girl who had facial asymmetry due to an excess amount of abnormal skin. This had resulted from […]

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Image credit Stanford Medicine, Stanford Ear Institute

Christmas 2015 Office Hours

As we approach the Christmas holiday The Westbourne Centre will be closed several days to allow surgeons and staff to be with their families.

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